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[Up] Asuna Kujou (ninth street, a family name of an ancient aristocrat)

A shy lady, she considers dogs her brothers and sisters. She promptly fell in love with Mitaka when they met at an omiai, although Mitaka had an allergic reaction (DOGS!). She was worried about the alleged relationship between Mitaka and Kyoko; when she found out that the omiai was made against Mitaka's will, she almost gave up. That night, however, the drunken Mitaka kissed her and she spent the night at his place. To Asuna, a very innocent lady, the kiss was so shocking that, even though nothing else happened, she tried to conceal that she had spent a night at a man's apartment and gave misleading answers to Mitaka when he visited her to find out if he had done anything wrong (he didn't remember a thing that happened).

Later, Asuna announced a pregnancy without saying whose it was. Her driver, not being able to bear the rumors that would occur, told Asuna's parents what had happened that night at Mitaka's. The wedding arrangement of Asuna and Mitaka was accelerated. It was actually her dog, Salad, who had been pregnant, but by then the wedding had become irreversible. The evening she was introduced to Mitaka's parents, she sensed uneasiness in Mitaka. She pointed out that the smile he made at the dinner table was the same smile she saw on a photo taken after Mitaka lost in the finals of a tennis tournament. Hearing that, Mitaka made up his mind to forget about Kyoko completely.

By the time Godai and Kyoko got married, Asuna was expecting her first child. When the couple showed up at Cha-Cha-Maru in time for the second reception of Godai and Kyoko's wedding, grandma Yukari predicted that Asuna should expect twins. As predicted, Asuna gave birth to twin girls, one looking like Shun and the other like Asuna. She is expecting the third one soon. [I hope that none of the children inherit their daddy's teeth ...]

[Up] Grandma Yukari

Godai's grandmother looks anywhere between 90 and 900 years old. She raised Yusaku because his parents were too busy running their restaurant, Godai's. She first visited Ikkoku-kan just before the announcement of the results of the college entrance exam. The next time she visits to see how Godai's social life is going. When she leaves, the tenants throw a gigantic party and the next day Grandma wakes up as if nothing had happened, while Godai is suffering from a major hangover and the others are having trouble waking up. Once they arrive at the Ohmiya station, the tenants and grandma Yukari resume partying, sending Godai to the washroom. Unfortunately, Grandma misses her train, so the party continues until the next train (Godai passes out).

She always cared about Godai more than his parents, so when she found out that he was getting married, she happily loaned him the money which she had been saving for her funeral fund. She also gave Kyoko the ring that she had originally received from her husband. She is the culprit of the turmoil in Ikkoku-kan two days before the wedding (Kyoko was waiting for a letter from her, and the loony squad spread a rumor that it was from another man.)

[Up] Mr. Chigusa (thousand grasses)

Kyoko's father is not pleased that his daughter has been taken away from him twice (first by Souichiro Otonashi, then by Yusaku Godai). He was strongly opposed to Kyoko's first marriage and even more strongly to the second one because he can't stand to see Kyoko's sad face. (Saying to his wife, That's why I said she should've chosen more flesh one!!(???)) But when Godai carried him piggyback, (after he stormed Cabaret Bunny to oppose Godai's plan), despite the cold he caught, he remembered what he said to Kyoko when she was little.

He eventually approved Godai's proposal to Kyoko; yet he still couldn't stand to see Kyoko's bridal kimono when he visited Ikkoku-kan two days before the wedding. He almost strangled Godai's boss when the boss just mentioned the name Godai and ended up spending the night in room two grumbling to the boss about his memories of Kyoko.

[Up] Souichiro Otonashi

Kyoko's late husband, his facial features are never seen. He was the geology teacher at Kyoko's high school. It was Kyoko who made the first moves, and the rumors of the two's relationship preceded anything else. Souichiro was a stoic teacher and was shocked when the rumors finally reached him. Nevertheless, he married Kyoko after she graduated from high school. A few months after the wedding, Souichiro passed away from an illness. Since the actual marriage had been so short, Kyoko had only good memories of the time she spent with Souichiro, so she tries to be virtuous to his memory.

[Up] Souichiro (the dog)

The dog owned by Souichiro Otonashi. After her husband's death, Kyoko named the dog Souichiro as a memory of her husband, but instead of calling him Souichiro, she calls him Souichiro-san. After finding out about the real Souichiro, Godai often saw the dog as the personification of Souichiro Otonashi. Just like Kyoko, he often talked to him as though he were Kyoko's late husband, scorned him, and even fought with him. Souichiro was also used as Mitaka-repellent on some occasions.

[Up] Ikuko

Kyoko's niece by marriage (and thus Souichiro's sister's daughter), she lived with her mother at the Otonashi house, but has never seen her father. When she visited Ikkoku-kan with her grandfather to see how Kyoko was doing, she met Godai, and when her family thought about getting a tutor for her, she insisted on Godai --- she was in the 6th grade at that time. On the first day, Godai found out that it was more like a babysitting job rather than a tutoring session. Nevertheless, Godai took the job seriously and thanks to his tutoring, she managed to get into her first choice high school, and passed the college entrance exam in one shot --- probably because she knew a living example of a ronin. (Who else --- Godai no onichan!) (Godai, my big brother.)

[Up] Grandfather Otonashi

The landlord of Ikkoku-kan, he is Souichiro's father and Ikuko's grandfather. He is a good-natured man who has a heart big enough to let the loony squad stay in Ikkoku-kan.

[Up] Sayuko Kuroki

A member of a puppet play club, she invited Godai to join. When she phoned Ikkoku-kan, she noticed that a young woman was the manager and sensed something between her and Godai. As a joke, she and the other members of the club (all women except the president, who faked a woman's voice) started phoning Ikkoku-kan (which at the time had only one phone, in Kyoko's room) and asking for Godai.

When Godai was in his fourth year, Kuroki arranged a Christmas play at Shienomi Day Care Center to pave the way for Godai to get a part-time job there. She married Saotome, the president of the club, but apparently has not changed her surname yet (possibly Saotome changed his).

[Up] Sakamoto

He is Godai's buddy since their entrance exam days. Apparently he failed the exam once as well. His financial situation is somewhat better than that of Godai, so he lives in a cozy apartment. After the term exam of the first year, he went on a trip, leaving his cat (named Kyoko) to Godai's care. The cat created a stir when Ichinose overheard a phone conversation of Sakamoto telling Godai that he was sleeping with the cat --- Ichinose thought Godai meant Kyoko herself ...

Godai often used Sakamoto's place as a hideout whenever he didn't want to go back to Ikkoku-kan. Sakamoto doesn't often get deeply involved in plot development, but he does appear often. He ran a food booth during the college festival; he visited Ikkoku-kan for the first time when both he and Godai were working at a beer garden. He almost crushed Godai to death when he joined everyone inside a well in a spook house (TV series only).

His greediness resulted in food poisoning when he ate a week-old egg left by Yotsuya to Godai's care. He and Godai worked three part-time day jobs to earn enough money to go to Saipan (Godai: I hate you ...) while Godai just wanted to earn enough to buy Christmas gifts for Kyoko, Kozue, and Ikuko. He kissed Godai's neck while sleeping, and the mark led to another misunderstanding between he and Kyoko. He also introduced Godai to the boss of Cabaret Bunny. He managed to get a permanent job by asking Yagami's father for a reference. Even after he got the job, he was still light-headed, skipping work on Godai and Kyoko's wedding day.

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