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This page lists some Java-related projects I've been working on, in some cases binary and/or source code aren't provided, if you're interested in it please contact me directly.
SUA2, SILab Users Administration II SUA2 was built for allowing easy administration of users in SILab, the laboratory of the computer science department of the Università Statale di Milano. It was developed teamed with Stefano Caselli.
JaC, A Thematic Java Crawler
NT, The Nerdity Test Applet Get your nerdity level!
WTako, Servers Detonation Kit WTako is an old application I've wrote for flooding tcp socket-based programs. It's shipped with some basic plug-ins that simply open a socket per thread and start sending data blocks.
GHUp! The GeoCities HTTP Uploader A Java application for replacing the upload feature of the GeoCities on-line file manager.
DeMux, Real-time Status Monitor A set of applet for displaying data sent through a socket or a cgi-bin program.
Sumatra, A Java Search Engine
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