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DeMux - Generic Java Applets for Real-Time Status Monitors

The whole stuff was written to become the client-side part for a generic real time status monitor, but I think that it might become very useful for other interesting things.

The first release of DeMux/RTM was used for monitoring the proxy server of the Politecnico di Milano in 1996-1997.

DeMux stands for De-Multiplexer, it's a set of applets plus a couple of packages for adding new data displayers applets. The most important package is the one used for allowing different applets to communicate each other in the same page.
The main job of the master applet (DeMux) is to open an HTTP connection, read some data and posting it to the right target applet in the same page.
With one data connection per DeMux you can control as many client applets as you need.
DeMux is also server-side programmable with a simple set of commands.

Each led displayed into the DeMux main applet displays the status of a channel. Any applet can open at least one channel. Channels can be clustered into virtual channels. Data sent to a virtual channel is dispatched to each clustered channel.

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