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About TSS

The Sunny Spot

Profile of the owner

Birthday 12th Oct
Favourite Color blue
Hobbies (too) many ... some of them are listed down here
The Linux Counter: Registered User #66178 Linux user since Sep 1993, before I've experienced the unprotected world of DOS (yeah, the old Disk Operating System) and Windoze 3.x (the DOS GUI).

By the way, computer science isn't my only interest, actually I keep growing and blooming a lot of "green" stuff (plants) on my home terrace (mainly cactacee).
A new section of TSS was opened just for my green thumb.

I love arts and, when I've some spare time and I'm not programming, I'm used spending it in drawing and painting CG (Computer Graphic).

One of my first interest was in Palaeontology and fossiles, ancient creatures lived millions of years ago. I've started studying an collepting them since I was 10 years old.

Anime and Manga are a consequence of my passion for arts combined with literature. Yes, literature and Japanese comics aren't separate worlds! Just give a look into the TSS section related to Anime and Manga.

Some notes on TSS

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