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Maison Ikkoku
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Rumiko Takahashi
Akemi Roppongi
Hanae Ichinose
Ibuki Yagami
Kozue Nanao
Kyoko Otonashi
Nozomu Nikaido
Shun Mitaka
Yusaku Godai
Asuna Kujou
Grandfather Otonashi
Grandma Yukari
Mr. Chigusa
Sayuko Kuroki
Souichiro (the dog)
Souichiro Otonashi
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Maison Ikkoku Ongaku-hen [Music Collection]

Kitty H33K-20030 (1986.12.21), Y3100

Maison Ikkoku Music Blend 2

Kitty H33K-20076 (1987.7.1), Y3100
27 tracks: 5 vocal/22 instrumental, 49:41
Kawai Kenji composed the instrumentals. Has the most famous vocals and BGM, with some wonderful "long BGM" tracks (1, 7, 13, 27...) that could not be heard wholly in TV series. Remember the most beautiful "kiss" love scene between Godai and Kyoko, just when the snow starts falling, 3 episodes before the final one? That BGM is from track 1, "bells ring in the dawn", a masterpiece... and the CD starts with it... The CD is split into 4 symphony movements, Ikkoku-kan's seasons.
        {Dai 1 Gakushou - Chouyou no ataru Ikkokukan}
        {1st movement  - Ikkoku-kan in the morning sun}
         1. Akatsuki ni kane wa naru                          3:33
            [Bells ring in the dawn]
                 {ep. 93: THE masterpiece that brings tears to
                  your eyes when snow starts falling on
         2. Sunny Shiny Morning             (Kiyonori Matsuo) 3:49 "OP"
         3. Souichirou-san !!                                 1:14
         4. O-bentou to houki                                 1:06
            [Lunch and broom] {housework}
         5. Akemi no haburashi                                1:25
            [Akemi's toothbrush]
         {Dai 2 Gakushou - Ikkokukan no hirusagari}
         {2nd movement  - Early afternoon on Ikkoku-kan}
         6. Kanashimi yo konnichiwa             (Saitou Yuki) 3:58 "OP"
            [Hello! Sadness]
         7. Hidamari no kokuhaku                              2:33
            [Declaration on a sunny spot]
         8. Ichinose-san wa kyou mo yuku                      1:12
            [Ichinose will come today too]
            {Music Sour CD, track 46}
                {ep. 49: very end, Mitaka gets upset because of
                 the dog printed on Kyouko's towel}
         9. Tenisubo-ru to uwasabanashi                       0:49
            [Tennis ball and rumours]
                {Tennis theme and also in ep. 70: title (very
        10. Jiken                                             0:46
        11. Sayonara no Dessin                      (Picasso) 4:24 "ED"
            [Sketch of a goodbye]
        {Dai 3 Gakushou - Yuubae to hoshi to Ikkokukan}
        {3rd movement  - Evening glow, stars, and Ikkoku-kan}
        12. Sukisa                             (Anzen Chitai) 2:48 "OP"
            [I love you]
        13. Saka ni tochuu no ichiban sei                     3:40
            [The first star on the way to the hill]
                {ep. 96: very end, Godai is revealing all
                 characters' stories that happened since his
                 own wedding}
        14. Mitaka - Godai !!                                 0:39
        15. Negai                                             0:34
            [A desire]
               {note: tracks 14 and 15 follow each other}
        16. Kissu no aru joukei                               1:02
            [A certain kiss scene]
                {"School" ep. 53/54/55/66?: young Kyouko is
                 running after Souichirou to ask him for more
                 info about his lesson}
                {also ep. 94: Kyouko's father remembers times
                 when he was carrying his very young daughter
                 Kyouko on his back}
        17. Umeshu baa                                        1:05
            [Grandma's plum brandy]
                {ep. 67: Souichirou-the dog- is drunk}
        18. Yukigake no daken                                 0:55
            [A bad dog on his gait]
                {ep. 49: Mitaka tries to face dogs puppets on
                 his bed}
        19. Yowamushi                                         1:03
                {ep. 70: Grandma Yukari is about to go and take
                 her train}
        {Dai 4 Gakushou - Tokei jikake no Ikkokukan}
        {4th movement  - Ikkoku-kan's clockwork [around the clock]}
        20. Fantasy                                 (Picasso) 4:02 "ED"
        21. Kaerazaru kare                                    1:01
            [He has to come back]
        22. Yume ichiya                                       1:10
            [A dream, one night]
                {Music Sour CD, track 36, slightly reworked}
        23. Yotsuya no omowaku                                0:50
            [Yotsuya's thoughts]
        24. Enkai shazetsu                                    0:36
            [Banquet denial]
                {ep. 37: Ichinose shows up, wearing her sailor
        25. Fukuzatsu ya                                      0:52
            [Intricate night]
                {ep. 61: Godai's run, after Kyouko}
        26. Kyouko-san...!!                                   0:56
        27. Ai - Yoyake mae                                   3:39
            [Love, before the dawn]
                {long theme, bells ring here too at the very end.}

Maison Ikkoku Koi suru Kimochi

Kitty H30K-20088 (1987.9.25), Y3008
15 tracks: 8 vocal/7 drama, 39:31
"A feeling of love". All these songs are performed by Shimamoto Sumi, the "real" voice of Kyoko. Some of them are Sumi-chan's versions of OP/ED themes (1, 13), others are insert songs, that may be heard for a -too?- short time in the TV series (5, 9) while others are brand new (3, 7, 11, 15). The OP/ED themes' original musics have been changed a little, and now feelings are different, but very good, still in the TV style. Between the songs, dialogues (SC) featuring Kyoko, Godai, Akemi, Yotsuya and Ichinose have been inserted. They have been created especially for this CD and cannot be found elsewhere.
Best front sketch of Kyouko ever drawn !!!! The booklet is a single sheet (folded 4 times to fit the CD size) with slides of real actors/actresses and their anime "counterpart":
  • Shimamoto Sumi (Otonashi Kyouko),
  • Futamata Kazunari (Godai Yuusaku),
  • Aoki Kazuyo (Ichinose Hanae),
  • Mita Yuuko (Roppongi Akemi),
  • Chiba Shigeru (Yotsuya).
The center sketch features a very cute but angry (at who?) Kyouko. A good and enjoyable CD to fill your collection up.}
         1. Kanashimi yo konnichiwa                           3:45
            [Hello! Sadness]
            {Words: Mori Yukinosuke
             Music: Tamaki Kouji
             Arrangement: Matsui Tadashige}
         2. SC-1                                              1:05
                {All Ikkoku-kan weirdos congratulate Kyouko for
                 this new CD performance, with a final loud
                 "Kanpai!!". BGM is "Ci-ne-ma"}
         3. Melody                                            3:49
                {ep. 77: Godai cleans items for kindergarten
                 party [2nd part of the song]}
            {Words: Satou Arisu
             Music: Matsuda Ryou
             Arrangement: Matsui Tadashige}
         4. SC-2                                              1:38
                {BGM is "Ashita hareru ka"}
         5. Yokan                                             3:51
                {Music Blend CD, track 8}
                {ep. 33: Godai discovers Souichirou's letter in
                 his bag and brings it back to Kyoko [1st half
                 of the song]}
            {Words: Satou Arisu
             Music: Kosaka Akiko
             Arrangement: Kobayashi Shingo}
         6. SC-3                                              0:49
                {BGM is "Fantasy"}
         7. Follow you                                        3:56
            {Words: Satou Arisu
             Music: Satou Ken
             Arrangement: Matsui Tadashige}
         8. SC-4                                              1:05
                {BGM is track 4 from Music Shake CD}
         9. Yume no iriguchi e                                4:05
            [Into a dream entrance] {Music Blend CD, track 13}
            {Words: Satou Arisu
             Music: Sugiyama Takuo
             Arrangement: Kobayashi Shingo}
        10. SC-5                                              1:11
                {BGM is "Suki sa"}
        11. Tokimeki                                          4:01
            [Heart throbs]
            {Words: Izumi Yukari
             Music: Okamoto Akira
             Arrangement: Matsui Tadashige}
        12. SC-6                                              0:56
                {BGM is "Sayounara no Dessin"}
        13. Sunny Shiny Morning                               3:52
            {Words: Yukawa Reiko
             Music: Matsuo Kiyonori
             Arrangement: Matsui Tadashige}
        14. SC-7                                              0:42
                {Kyoko: "Wow, I had a hard time; I was very
                 impressed to have to sing in front of you but it
                 was very nice. Yotsuya-san didn't stop from
                 talking and drinking, so that he didn't listen
                 to me at all! But I hope that YOU did... didn't
                 BGM is track 35 from Music Shake CD}
        15. Endless                                           4:46
            {Words: Satou Arisu
             Music, Arrangement: Matsui Tadashige}

Maison Ikkoku: Kanketsuhen [Final Story] original soundtrack

Kitty H30K-20116 (1988.2.21), Y2812
16 tracks: 1 vocal, 35:54
Movie BGM, sounds different from TV series BGM, composed by Mori Eiji. Pleasant, but you should have seen the movie to "feel" them better. Some of them can be heard in late TV episodes too.
         1. I love you                                        2:06
         2. Widow's lover                                     2:14
         3. A breath of air                                   2:16
         4. American woman                                    1:39
         5. In the moonlight                                  4:05
         6. Crystal heart                                     3:28
                {very beginning, Godai enters Kyouko's room}
         7. 6.6.6                                             1:52
         8. Kami fubuki                                       0:20
            [Paper snowstorm]
                {confetti from the paper ball in Godai's room}
         9. Wedding dress                                     1:09
                {follows track 6, Godai sees Kyouko's wedding kimono}
        10. Kanpai !!                                         0:11
        11. Grandmother                                       4:03
        12. Tsuki to gita-                                    2:24
            [Moon and guitar]
                {also in ep. 95: at Godai's restaurant}
        13. She-inn                                           1:11
        14. I need her                                        1:02
        15. Meri-go-raundo no futari                          3:28
            [Merry-go-round for two]
                {the puppeteers playing in Godai's room}
        16. Garasu no kissu                   (Himenogi Rika) 4:26 "ED"
            [Kiss of glass]

Maison Ikkoku Kanketsuhen kanzen shuurokuhan [Perfect Recording]

Kitty H30K-20118 (1988.3.21), Y3286
16 tracks, 65:40
Drama CD, last track is "Glass no Kiss" ED theme.

Maison Ikkoku Music Sour

Kitty H30K-20135 (1988.12.21), Y3008
61 tracks, 60:47
It has the various BGM, 8-10 second sound bites, and 1-3 second bridges from the TV series and is all instrumental. Typical Maison Ikkoku mood
         1. Bridge K1                                         0:26
                {small instrumental from Kanashimi yo
         2. Kanashimi yo konnichiwa (instrumental)            2:03
            [Hello! Sadness]
                {entirely performed by violins and cellos
                 ep. 96: happy end, Kyouko, Godai and Haruka
                 standing in front of Ikkoku-kan}
         3. Bridge K2                                         0:11
                {small "hard" instrumental from Kanashimi yo
         4. Ogenki desu yo                                    0:37
            [I am healthy!]
                {ep. 1: Kentarou comes back from school to
         5. Bukimina kehai sono 2                             0:52
            [A weird sign, part 2]
         6. Mono omoi                                         1:01
         7. Bridge part 1                                     0:10
         8. Fuanna rounin seikatsu                            0:45
            [Uneasy ronin's life]
         9. Inrou (?) no TE-MA                                0:46
        10. Miagetegoran yoru no tsuki o                      1:07
            [Look at the moon in the night sky]
        11. Bridge part 2                                     0:10
        12. Kyouko-san, ote o douzo                           0:49
            [Give me your hand, Kyoko]
        13. Kondomo chikoku da                                0:34
            [This time too, I am late]
        14. Yume no naka no yume                              1:14
            [A dream within a dream]
        15. Bridge part 3                                     0:12
        16. Fushigina kibun                                   0:39
            [A strange feeling]
        17. Tanoshii o-sanpo                                  0:29
            [A happy stroll]
                {ep. 1: freshly arrived Kyouko rushes outside
                 (before she notices Godai at the window)}
        18. Fuyu sono 2                                       2:00
            [Winter, part 2]
        19. Aki sono 2                                        2:08
            [Autumn, part 2]
        20. Kakeashi sono 2                                   0:46
            [Running, part 2]
                {ep. 70: Godai is about to vomit and rushes at
                 the station's rest-rooms, helped by Kyouko}
        21. A- nasakenaya                                     0:44
            [Oh~ miserable]
        22. Madobede hitori                                   2:07
            [Somebody near the window]
        23. Bridge part 4                                     0:10
        24. Shoudassou no te-mu                               0:48
            ["Small run away" theme]
        25. Mou! haru desu ne                                 0:33
            [Soon! Spring comes]
        26. Kataomoi                                          1:20
            [Unrequited love]
                {all piano}
        27. Bridge part 5                                     0:11
        28. Sagashimono wa nan deshou ne                      0:58
            [What might be that thing you're looking for?]
        29. Fushigina koushin                                 0:43
            [A strange parade]
        30. Kawatta mousou                                    1:07
            [Undergone ignorance]
                {ep. 20: Godai is making deliveries on his bike
                 but day-dreams and bumps into a pole}
        31. Fushigina okyaku sono 2                           0:56
            [A mysterious guest, part 2]
        32. Mayonaka no osanpo                                0:45
            [A stroll at midnight]
        33. Bridge A                                          0:11
        34. Ikkokukan no TE-MA                                2:57
            [Ikkoku-kan's theme]
                {all piano}
        35. Tokeizaka o noboreba                              1:53
            [Wish I could go up Tokeizaka]
                {made of 2 parts, one slow, one fast (same
        36. Yumeicha sono 2                                   1:11
            [one-night dream, part 2]
                {ep. 40: Godai under the snow, not in the mood
                 for partying at Chachamaru after all}
        37. Zamaa miro ?!                                     0:50
            [Serves you right !]
                {ep. 61: while Kyouko is on her journey}
        38. Enkai wa genkan de                                0:48
            [A dinner party at the front door]
        39. Shiawase kyokusen                                 0:50
            [Curves of happiness]
                {ep. 63?: Yagami, lying on her bed, thinks that
                 there's only one more step to "brush" Kyouko
        40. Nikaidate no aki                                  1:45
            [A 2-storied autumn]
        41. Uesutan agewatan                                  0:53
            [Western ?]
        42. Asuna no hitomi                                   1:02
            [Asuna's eyes]
                {ep. 38: Kouzue's sadness}
        43. Tomadoi romansu                                   1:08
            [Puzzlement romance]
        44. Yotsuya no omowaku futatabi                       0:45
            [Yotsuya's expectation, once more]
        45. Godai no shuushoku                                0:55
            [Godai's job hunting]
        46. Ichinose-san wa kyou mo yuku                      1:15
            [Ichinose will come today too]
                {Music Blend 2 CD, track 8}
                {ep. 64: what made Yagami scream was Yotsuya's
        47. Muchuu no fantaji-                                0:58
            [Frantic fantasy] {Music Shake CD, track 47}
        48. Kaiseide gomen ne                                 1:44
            [Sorry! on a fine weather]
                {ep. 20: also during Kentarou's school race}
        49. Ikinari kanrinin                                  0:49
            [All of a sudden, the landlady]
        50. Rettsu Kissu                                      0:54
            [Let's kiss!]
        51. Hoiku wa supo-tsu                                 0:47
            [Being a nurse is a sport]
        52. Soichirou to hae                                  0:47
            [Soichirou and the fly]
                {ep. 53: Yagami, invited with her friends to
                 Ikkoku-kan, accidentally spills her glass on
                 Godai's room floor}
        53. Akemi hajimaru                                    0:46
            [Akemi's start]
        54. Ren'ai kyoujidai                                  0:59
            [Love fan time]
                {ep. 35: Kyouko and Godai are chased}
        55. Yowamushi sono 2                                  1:16
            [Crybaby, part 2]
        56. Kita no Ikkokukan wa.. ame                        1:03
            [On the north of Ikkoku mansion.. rain]
        57. Mitaka no sayonara                                1:05
            [Mitaka's farewell]
        58. Kyouko machimasu                                  0:54
            [I'll wait for you, Kyouko]
        59. Puropo-zu                                         2:18
        60. Shizukani tashikani haru ga kita                  1:31
            [Silently but surely, spring has come]
        61. Fantaji- (instrumental)                           1:20
                {also ED of MI Karaoke LD}

Maison Ikkoku CD Memorial

Kitty CD-S: KACD-1001...1013 (1988), Y13000
13 discs
13 CD singles 2 fold-outs which have pictures of random frames from all of the openings and endings of the the series and the "Final Movie". Never made available on the open market. Includes LP-sized 3 page lyric sheet.
        Disc 1
        2 tracks
         1. kanashimi yo konnichiwa             (Saitou Yuki)
            [Hello! Sadness]
            "OP1: 1-23, 25-37"
            {Words: Mori Yukinosuke
             Music: Tamaki Kouji}
         2. ohikkoshi wasuremono                (Saitou Yuki)
            {Pony Canyon 7A0562}
        Disc 2
        2 tracks
         1. ashita hareru ka                    (Kisugi Takao)
            [Will it be fine tomorrow?]
            "ED1: 1-14"
            {Words: Kisugi Etsuko
             Music: Kisugi Takao}
         2. mou sukoshi tooku                   (Kisugi Takao)
            {Kitty 7D50109}
        Disc 3
        2 tracks
         1. Ci-ne-ma                            (Picasso)
            "ED2: 15-23, 25-33"
            {Words: Ooyama Junko
             Music: Picasso}
         2. BGM - kaerimichi II                 (instrumental)
            {Vap 10241-07}
        Disc 4
        2 tracks
         1. Alone Again (Naturally)             (Gilbert O'Sullivan)
            "OP2: 24"
            {Words/Music: Gilbert O'Sullivan}
         2. Get Down                            (Gilbert O'Sullivan)
            "ED3: 24"
            {Words/Music: Gilbert O'Sullivan}
            {Kitty 7D50122}
            {"Alone Again..." also on "Billboard's Top 10 - 1972" on
             Rhino Records}
        Disc 5
        2 tracks
         1. yokan                               (Shimamoto Sumi [Kyoko])
            {Words: Satou Arisu
             Music: Kosaka Akiko}
         2. yume no iriguchi e...               (Shimamoto Sumi [Kyoko])
            [Into a dream entrance]
            {Words: Satou Arisu
             Music: Sugiyama Takuo}
        Disc 6
        2 tracks
         1. Fantasy                             (Picasso)
            "ED4: 34-52"
            {Words: Mori Yukinosuke
             Music: Picasso}
         2. nureta hitomi no Picture            (Picasso)
            {Kitty 7D50135}
        Disc 7
        2 tracks
         1. sukisa                              (Anzen Chitai)
            [I love you]
            "OP3: 38-52"
            {Words: Matsui Gorou
             Music: Tamaki Kouji}
         2. omoide ni tsutsumarete              (Anzen Chitai)
            {Kitty 7D50150}
        Disc 8
        2 tracks
         1. Sunny Shiny Morning                 (Kiyonori Matsuo)
            "OP4: 53-73"
            {Words: Yukawa Reiko
             Music: Matsuo Kiyonori}
         2. Younger Girl                        (Kiyonori Matsuo)
            {Polydor 7DX1477}
        Disc 9
        2 tracks
         1. sayonara no Dessin (soubyou)        (Picasso)
            [Sketch of a goodbye]
            "ED5: 53-73"
            {Words: Mori Yukinosuke
             Music: Picasso}
         2. suna no ATELIER                     (Picasso)
            [Sandy studio]
            {Kitty 7D50141}
        Disc 10
        2 tracks
         1. Melody                              (Shimamoto Sumi [Kyoko])
            {Words: Satou Arisu
             Music: Matsuda Ryou}
         2. tokimeki                            (Shimamoto Sumi [Kyoko])
        Disc 11
        2 tracks
         1. hidamari                            (Murashita Kouzou)
            [A sunny spot]
            "OP5: 74-96"
            {Words/Music: Murashita Kouzou}
         2. BGM - kaze no Symphony
            {CBS/Sony 07SH1979}
        Disc 12
        2 tracks
         1. Begin The Night                     (Picasso)
            "ED6: 74-96"
            {Words: Kisugi Etsuko
             Music: Picasso}
         2. itoshisa ga, moeru.                 (Picasso)
            {Words: Mori Yukinosuke
             Music: Picasso}
            {Kitty 7D50151}
        Disc 13
        2 tracks
         1. Glass no Kiss                       (Himenogi Rika)
            [A kiss of glass]
            "Final movie ED"
            {Words: Matsumoto Takashi
             Music: Izumi Shoukan}
         2. namida no suzu to kaze no ito       (Himenogi Rika)
            {Words: Matsumoto Takashi
             Music: Izumi Shoukan}

Maison Ikkoku Music Shake

Kitty H00K-20162 (1989.12.21), Y3008
56 tracks: 2 vocal/54 instrumental, 53:19
Music Composer, tracks 1 to 37: Sugiyama Takuo Music Composer, tracks 38 to 55: Kawai Kenji except the vocals. Could be named "Music Sour Vol.2" [in fact, it is written BGM Vol.2 on the CD itself], since it's the PERFECT continuation of "Music Sour", with the same composers. Many, many short/long musics and bridges here, and moreover you are given two more OP/ED songs! The ONLY one which is NOT in the CDs is ED "Get Down" from Gilbert O'Sullivan-. Very enjoyable too. With only these 2 CDs, you may own 80% of all Maison Ikkoku BGM.
         1. Bridge K3                                         0:08
                {preceding the commercial break}
         2. Begin the Night                     (Picasso)     4:34 "ED"
         3. Bridge part 6                                     0:08
         4. kanashimi yo konnichiwa (insuto 2)                1:05
            [Hello! Sadness (instrumental 2)]
                {ep. 1: beginning, Kyouko in the truck with
                 Souichirou (dog) on the back, yawning at 3
         5. isoge Kyouko e                                    0:26
            [Hurry after Kyoko]
         6. mabushii nami shibuki                             0:36
            [Dazzling spindrift]
         7. Yotsuya no waru fuzake                            0:39
            [Yotsuya's nasty joke]
                {ep. 1: during the party held in Godai's room}
         8. kakeashi                                          0:29
            [Fast run]
                {ep. 1: very end, when Godai wants to go through
                 the window, and meets Kyouko's eyes instead}
         9. enkai baka odori                                  0:43
            [stupid party dance]
                {ep. 1: Yotsuya is messing around with sake
        10. munasawagi                                        0:20
            [Uneasy feeling]
        11. Kyouko no kimochi o tashikametakute               2:39
            [I want to make sure of Kyouko's feelings]
        12. Bridge part 7                                     0:07
        13. Souichiro o wasuretakute                          0:44
            [I have to forget Souichirou]
        14. taiyou ni kokero                                  0:44
            [Let's be sunken by the sun]
        15. uchi-yoseru fuan                                  0:45
            [Dashing anxiety]
                {ep. 32: when Yotsuya gave a mysterious egg to
                 Godai, everybody was wondering what it might
        16. tokimeku futari no yoru                           1:42
            [Heart-throbbing night for two]
        17. Pu-ru ni saku hana                                0:31
            [Blooming flower at pool side]
        18. ashita hareru ka (insuto)                         0:25
            [Tomorrow will be fine ? - instrumental]
        19. ame yadori sono 2                                 0:44
            [Take shelter from rain, part 2]
        20. Mitaka no sumasshu                                1:09
            [Mitaka's smash]
                {typical BGM heard while at Mitaka's tennis
        21. Bridge part 8                                     0:07
                {when commercial break ends}
        22. otome no Rajio taisou                             0:35
            [Girls' gymnastics on the radio]
        23. Buridji - buriki no rappa-                        0:12
            [Bridge - tinplate trumpet]
                {ep. 1: discordant short theme from Kyouko's joke
                 to Godai, when he is buried under chicks!}
        24. bukimi-na kehai sono 2                            1:08
            [A weird sign, part 2]
        25. hirusagari no yume                                0:53
            [Early afternoon's dream]
        26. Ha-to Bi-to                                       0:28
            [Heart beat]
        27. Godai no shinobi ashi                             0:36
            [Godai, walking on tiptoe]
        28. Bridge part 9                                     0:08
        29. kanashimi yo konnichiwa (insuto 3)                1:03
            [Hello! Sadness (instrumental 3)]
                {during Godai's exams episodes}
        30. Bridge part 10                                    0:07
        31. Ikkoku-kan ni obake ga deru zo !!                 0:53
            [A monster appears in Ikkoku-kan !!]
        32. arashi no maebure                                 0:47
            [Storm's premonitory sign]
        33. honobono-shita gogo                               0:54
            [Dimly in the afternoon]
                {ep. 94: when Kyouko prepares the miso soup for
                 Godai but she doesn't understand what it was
                 supposed to mean.}
        34. shiawase na hitotoki                              0:44
            [A moment of happiness]
                {ep. 3: when Kyouko polishes the floor, passes
                 in front of door 5, and is about to knock}
        35. Happi- Suteppu                                    0:47
            [Happy step]
                {ep. 4: intro during overall view on Tokeizaka}
        36. natsu no kumo sono 2                              3:21
            [Summer clouds, part 2]
                {can also be heard during Kyouko's speech on
                 track 15 of CD Koi Suru Kimochi}
        37. Bridge part 11                                    0:12
        {following tracks composed by Kawai Kenji;
         you can feel the different ambiance}
        38. yokan (insuto)                                    1:15
            [Presentiment (instrumental)]
        39. Godai ga Kyouko o omou toki                       1:01
            [When Godai remembers Kyouko]
        40. Kyouko no kanashimi                               0:24
            [Kyouko's sadness]
        41. Kozue no de-to                                    0:59
            [Kozue's date]
        42. Ikkoku-kan soudou                                 1:24
            [Confusion at Ikkoku-kan]
            1) Yotsuya no akudagumi
               [Yotsuya's evil joke]
            2) Bridge
            3) taihen da
               [That's terrible!]
            4) yokan (insuto 2)
               [Presentiment (instrumental 2)]
        43. kyou wa Supo-tsu biyori                           1:38
            [Today is a great day for sports]
        44. Sakura no hana saku kisetsu                       0:36
            [The season of blooming cherry flowers]
                {ep. 62: beginning, Kyouko just arrives}
        45. kareha mai chiru kisetsu                          0:51
            [The season of the dead leaves' dancing fall]
        46. shunpuu no yuuwaku                                0:33
            [Spring breeze temptation]
        47. yuuhodou                                          0:48
            [A promenade]
                {ep. 63: very end, Yagami angrily hits the ball}
        48. hikaru kaze                                       0:28
            [Shining wind]
        49. konayuki furu kisetsu                             1:30
            [The season of powdery snowfall]
        50. Souichirou to kakekko                             1:10
            [A race with Souichirou]
                {almost the same as previous track 49, without
        51. kaze no Shinfoni- sono 2                          2:02
            [Wind symphony, part 2]
                {made of 3 parts, the latter is the famous guitar
                 tune played, for example, in Ep. 35: when Godai
                 is back from his "date" and speaks to Grandma
                 Yukari (very end)}
        52. hashire Ichinose fuufu                            1:01
            [Run! Ichinose husband and wife]
                {ep. 20: during Kentarou's school race, won by
                 his parents}
        53. fuan                                              1:03
        54. muchuu no Fantaji- sono 2                         0:52
            [Frantic fantasy, part 2] {Music Sour CD, track 47}
        55. yokan (insuto 3)                                  0:30
            [Presentiment (instrumental 3)]
        56. Alone Again                 (Gilbert O'Sullivan)  3:39 "OP"

Maison Ikkoku Music Blend

Kitty KTCR-1060 (1990.12.21), Y2500
26 tracks: 4 vocal/22 instrumental, 44:29
Contains most of the early BGM themes. Chronologically first, but seems to have been released AFTER "Music Blend 2". Mostly melancholy music performed on violin or harmonica. The 2 insert songs sung by Sumi-chan (Kyoko's voice) can be found in this CD and "Koi suru kimochi". "Music Cocktail" is a pure copy of this, except for track 1.
         1. kanashimi yo konnichiwa            (Saitou Yuki)  3:59 "OP"
            [Hello! Sadness]
         2. Bridge 5                                          0:13
         3. haru                                              3:01
         4. yuugure                                           1:06
         5. chidoriashi                                       0:31
            [Reel along]
         6. natsu no kumo                                     1:38
            [The clouds of summer]
                {ep. 17: when Godai remembers his childhood and
                 his many mishaps on rainy days}
         7. fuyu                                              0:39
         8. yokan                  (Shimamoto Sumi [Kyouko])  3:54 "IS"
                {Koi Suru Kimochi CD, track 5}
                {ep. 33: Godai discovers Souichirou's letter in
                 his bag and brings it back to Kyoko [first half
                 of the song]}
         9. kanashimi                                         1:20
        10. ame yadori                                        0:36
            [Take shelter from rain]
        11. hitori no yoru                                    0:36
            [Lonely night]
        12. ashita hareru ka                  (Kisugi Takao)  4:35 "ED"
            [Will it be fine tomorrow?]
        13. yume no iriguchi e              (Shimamoto Sumi)  4:05 "IS"
            [Into a dream entrance]
                {Koi Suru Kimochi CD, track 9}
        14. Bridge 11                                         0:24
        15. yume no naka                                      1:13
            [In a dream]
        16. aki                                               2:08
        17. fushigi-na okyaku                                 0:35
            [A mysterious guest]
        18. ame-agari                                         0:43
            [After the rain]
                {ep. 18: Godai is back to Ikkoku-kan but Kyouko
                 says "Good evening" without leaving her room
                 (she's knitting)}
        19. bukimi-na kehai                                   0:38
            [A weird indication]
        20. kaerimichi                                        2:35
            [On the way home]
        21. kakeashi                                          0:34
            [At a run]
                {ep. 4: very end, Kyouko just said "Ganbatte
                 kudasai ne" to Godai and he now hurries to his
                 final exam}
        22. yoru no ame                                       1:36
            [Night rain]
                {ep. 17: Kyouko turns over the pages of her
                 photo album of Souichirou and remembers.}
        23. niji                                              0:47
                {in many TV episodes, and also when Kyouko
                 glances at Godai in the OAV "Ikkoku-tou nanpa
        24. mayonaka no houmonja                              1:02
            [A visitor in midnight]
                {ep. 5: Godai dreams of Kyouko bringing him
                 white briefs}
        25. mono omoi                                         2:07
            [Lost in a thought] ""Ashita hareru ka" instrumental"
                {ep. 6: Kyouko's father-in-law tells Godai about
                 Kyouko's late husband at the cemetary}
        26. Shi-ne-ma                              (Picasso)  3:55 "ED"
                {also in ep. 31: Kyouko is desperately seeking
                 Godai to clear up the misunderstanding and make
                 him come back}

Maison Ikkoku Music Cocktail

Kitty H33K-20030, Y~3200
26 tracks: 4 vocal/22 instrumental, 44:35
Exact copy of Music Blend, except the first track, which is "Fantasy" instead of "Kanashimi yo konnichiwa". Worst front sketch. Get Music Blend instead.

Maison Ikkoku Picasso

Vap CD-S: 20038-10, Y1000

Maison Ikkoku Remix

Kitty KTCR-1131 (1991.12.25), Y3000
Including remix versions of the "best 10" theme songs, that's basically the CD given with the 1992 Music Calendar.

Maison Ikkoku 1992 Music Calendar

Kitty KACD-1015 (1992), Y2700
12 tracks, 21:24
CD plus calendar, synthesizer remixes based on original show themes. Some are well done, others stink. Ranma-ized character drawings in the booklet.
         1. kanashimi yo konnichiwa
            [Hello! Sadness]
         2. ashita hareru ka
            [Will it be fine tomorrow?]
         3. Ci-ne-ma
         4. Alone again
         5. Get down
         6. yokan
         7. Fantasy
         8. sukisa
            [I love you]
         9. Sunny shiny morning
        10. Sayonara no Dessin
            [A goodbye sketch]
        11. hidamari
            [A sunny spot]
        12. Begin The Night

Maison Ikkoku Sound Theater 1 - episodes 1 / 2

Kitty KTCD-3001 (1990.6.25), Y3000
89 tracks, 71:22
#1 in a series of 48 CDs covering the entire TV series, 2 episodes on each.
Each booklet contains plentiful of screenshots from the 2 episodes synchronized with CD's track numbers, plus various infos and REAL pictures of special guests, characters clip, cast, Music Break Time, animation staff, OP/ED themes, etc.
The jacket itself is a cardboard box, with the booklet stuck on the inside left flap. All 48 jackets have a narrow sketch printed on their edge; once put side-by-side, they make a long nice picture featuring ALL the Maison Ikkoku characters. For the entire CD series, the narrator is Chiba Shigeru, Yotsuya's voice, whose craziness and sense of humour suit the narration and comments very well [however STRONG Japanese skill required to get it all].
The CD starts with an OP narration -by Chiba Shigeru- then OP theme, 1st half of 1st episode, guest corner where C. S. interviews a famous dubbing actor/actress from the series, 2nd half of 1st episode, Music Break Time where a "DJ" announces and plays one -or more- music themes from the series, OP narration, "nandemo corner" where C. S. talks about various aspects of the TV series, 2nd half of the 2nd episode, ED theme. While the 2 episodes are played, C. S. acts as an off-voice narrator, explaining some "visual" scenes and gags that could hardly be understood without his frenzied help.
Front sketch: sexy Kyouko wearing a red Chinese dress (if you know Shampoo, you can understand what I mean by "sexy" :-), back: Kentarou/Ichinose/Yotsuya/Godai/Akemi.
OP: Kanashimi yo konnichiwa (Shimamoto Sumi)
Guest Corner: Aoki Kazuyo (Ichinose Hanae)
Music Break Time DJ: Shimamoto Sumi (Otonashi Kyouko)
  • Kanashimi yo konnichiwa (instrumental)
  • Kanashimi yo konnichiwa (Otonashi Kyouko)
  • Yokan (Otonashi Kyouko)
Nandemo Corner: Sekai no meigen
ED: Ashita hareru ka (Kisugi Takao)
Character Clip: Otonashi Kyouko

Maison Ikkoku Sound Theater 2 - episodes 3 / 4

Kitty KTCD-3002 (1990.6.25), Y3000
85 tracks, 68:32
Front sketch: *cute* Kyouko wearing a red traditional Japanese kimono
OP theme: Kanashimi yo konnichiwa (Shimamoto Sumi)
Guest Corner: Shimamoto Sumi (Otonashi Kyouko)
Music Break Time DJ: Mita Yuuko (Roppongi Akemi)
  • Maison Ikkoku Comic Medley
Nandemo Corner: Oragamura no hougen jiman
ED theme: Ashita hareru ka (Kisugi Takao)
Character Clip: Godai Yuusaku

Maison Ikkoku Sound Theater 3 - episodes 5 / 6

Kitty KTCD-3003 (1990.6.25), Y3000
87 tracks, 72:15
Front sketch: smiling Kyouko in blue dress, giving a call; Japanese cherryblossom trees in background.
OP: Kanashimi yo konnichiwa (Shimamoto Sumi)
Guest Corner: Kyouda Hisako (grandma Yukari)
Music Break Time DJ: Kamiya Akira (Mitaka Shun)
  • BGM Kaeri michi II
  • BGM Kaze no symphony
Nandemo Corner: Sentou de isseki - yude tamago
ED: Ashita hareru ka (Kisugi Takao)
Character Clip: Ichinose Hanae}

Maison Ikkoku Sound Theater 48 - episodes 95 / 96

Kitty KTCD-3048 (1991.8.25), Y3000
83 tracks, 72:10
This CD has been recorded in DNSS: the original drama on left channel and Chiba Shigeru's narration on right channel.
Front sketch: Kyouko in pink/blue dress, surrounded by white flowers
OP: Endless (Shimamoto Sumi)
Guest Corner: Shimamoto Sumi (Otonashi Kyouko)
Music Break Time DJ: Hayashibara Megumi (background char)
  • Manbo No.5 (BGM of Godai's College festival)
  • Mambo Mambo (narration: Hayashibara Megumi)
Nandemo Corner: Minna no koe
ED: Begin the night (Picasso)
List of all the previous character clips:
  • Otonashi Kyouko: in 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37, 43
  • Godai Yuusaku: in 2, 14, 26, 44
  • Ichinose Hanae: in 3, 15, 32
  • Nanao Kozue: in 4, 45
  • Sakamoto: in 5
  • Ichinose Kentarou: in 6, 39
  • Mitaka Shun: in 8, 20, 46
  • Yotsuya: in 9, 21, 33
  • Roppongi Akemi: in 10, 16, 38
  • Kyouko's father: in 11
  • Kyouko's mother: in 12
  • Otonashi Souichirou: in 17
  • Souichirou (dog): in 18
  • Otonashi Ikuko: in 22
  • Chachamaru's Master: in 23
  • Ichinose Uji: in 24
  • Yagami Ibuki: in 27, 34
  • Mitsukoshi Zenzaburou: in 28
  • Kujou Asuna: in 29, 47
  • Mitaka and Kujou's "wedding mediator": in 30
  • Godai Yukari: in 35
  • Yagami's father: in 36
  • Otonashi father-in-law: in 40
  • Kasumi-san: in 41
  • Iioka: in 42
Panorama map of Tokeizaka district:
  • overall view
  • Tokeizaka subway station
  • Tokeizaka shopping street
  • Tennis club
  • Chachamaru bar
  • Tokeizaka slope (which leads to Ikkoku-kan)
  • Kindergarten
  • Bridge on which Godai and Kyouko met on Christmas Eve
  • Tachibana shrine
Final sketch gathering all 48 CDs' edges

Maison Ikkoku Sound Theater Special - Extra Version

Kitty KTCR-1165 (1992.6.25), Y3000
81 tracks, 64:11
This CD is an extra edition to the original 48 CDs of the TV series. It contains the 2 Maison Ikkoku OAVs:
  • Ikkoku-tou nanpa shimatsuki
  • Prelude Maison Ikkoku - Meguru haru no sakura no you ni..
This time, the CD jacket is not of cardboard but a "regular" plastic case, with no edge sketch. The original TV Series CDs style has been kept, with narration by Chiba Shigeru.
Front sketch: Kyouko in green bikini with shamrocks on it, her long hair waving in the wind (Ranma character design)
OP theme: Yume no iriguchi he.. (Shimamoto Sumi)
1st OAV in full
Guest Corner: "Battle Royal Talk", Chiba Shigeru interviews Yotsuya (himself!) and Souichirou-dog (himself again!!)
Music Break Time DJ: Chiba Shigeru
  • Rouninsei wo hagemasu "?" !
  • Kanashimi yo konnichiwa -REMIX- (Otonashi Kyouko)
2nd OAV in full
ED theme: Begin the night (Picasso)
Character Clip: Ikkoku-tou no hitobito (from OAV's island)
ALL CAST featuring the full list with actor/actress name, character name, on which CD they appeared (as the DJ or in the Character Clip), and other anime dubbings: REAL photos of Shimamoto Sumi (Kyouko), Futamata Kazunari (Godai), Aoki Kazuyo (Ichinose), Chiba Shigeru (Yotsuya), Mita Yuuko (Akemi); other people are listed by names. The picture in the center is a screenshot from the last TV episode when Godai and Kyouko, just married, are applauded by everybody during the party held at Chachamaru's bar.

Maison Ikkoku Forever Remix

Kitty KTCR-1166 (1992.7.25), Y2800
10 tracks: 10 vocal, 46:35
10 "remix" versions of several famous OP/ED from the TV series, except track 3, never heard before. The CD jacket contains many screen shots from TV series, rearranged, with all songs' words, composers' names etc. The front shows Kyouko-san, her blue dress and hair flying in the wind (very cute, even if she's drawn late Ranma character designs). The back side shows Kyouko-san's face in profile, with 8 altered versions. Like the Urusei Yatsura Best 10 Remix CD, some of the songs are outstanding (1, 8, 10), some pretty good (5, 6, 9) but some others rather poor (2, 7). The jacket says in French and in English: "Ces joyeuses musiques sont destin\'ees \`a tous ceux qui aimeront pour toujours l'histoire de la Maison-ikkoku." "These happy musics are dedicated to all the people who will love the story of Maison-ikkoku forever."}
         1. Cinema '92  [Carmen Mix]                 (Picasso)  6:44
                {A mix with a more Spanish flavor,
                 with maracas, bongos, guitar...
                 plus accordion and real bagpipes!}
         2. Sunny Shiny Morning  [Cee-light Mix]
                                             (Matsuo Kiyonori)  3:55
                {An entirely electronic heavily sampled mix}
         3. nureta hitomi no Picture  [HookofDub Mix]
            [Picture of drenched eyes]               (Picasso)  4:53
         4. Fantasy  [Jam-Slam-ica Mix]              (Picasso)  5:01
                {Like a jam experiment with various backgrounds,
                 with a crooning female chorus}
         5. Begin the night  [Neanderthal Mix]       (Picasso)  4:03
                {Reggae mix}
         6. ashita hareru ka  [JetJetJet Mix]   (Kisugi Takao)  4:40
            [Will it be fine tomorrow?]
                {Pretty good speedy synthesized mix}
         7. sayonara no sobyou  [Cro-Magnon Mix]     (Picasso)  4:46
            [Sketch of a goodbye]
                {Heavily sampled remix, silly/creepy}
         8. Cinema '90  [Original Mix]               (Picasso)  4:27
                {Same instruments as #1, but more of the
                 original flavor, and more bagpipe.}
         9. Endless  [Eternallove Mix]
                                     (Shimamoto Sumi [Kyouko])  4:32
                {Remix from Koi Suru Kimochi CD, track 15}
        {Bonus track:}
        10. kanashimi yo konnichiwa  [Rough Mix]
            [Hello! Sadness]         (Shimamoto Sumi [Kyouko])  3:44
                {"light" mix from Koi Suru Kimochi CD, track 1,
                 almost untouched}

Maison Ikkoku Sound Shutter

Series of CDs with dialogue and music from 2 episodes each

Maison Ikkoku Party Album --- Chachamaru Karaoke Battle

Kitty KTCR-1197 (1992.12.21), Y2500
16 tracks
A well-produced CD with great liner notes including lyrics, sheet music, and a poster.
The first half is drama. Yotsuya follows Godai, who's buying something... The characters end up at Chachamaru singing MI themes karaoke. A "special guest" rattles Godai. Excellent stereo imaging.
The latter half is karaoke version of 6 openings and endings.
         1. Opening
         2. Opening Theme
         3. Chachamaru Karaoke Battle
                {the longest track- dialog}
         4. Ci-ne-ma                                 (Hanae Ichinose)
         5. ashita hareru ka                        (Yotsuya & Godai)
         6. Sunny Shiny Morning                         (Kozue Nanao)
         7. sukisa                                   (Akemi Roppongi)
         8. kanashimi yo konnichi wa                   (Yusaku Godai)
         9. Fantasy                   (Kyoko Otonashi & Yusaku Godai)
        10. Ending Theme (Begin the Night)
        11. Ci-ne-ma                                (karaoke version)
        12. ashita hareru ka                        (karaoke version)
        13. Sunny Shiny Morning                     (karaoke version)
        14. sukisa                                  (karaoke version)
        15. kanashimi yo konnichi wa                (karaoke version)
                {NOT the original version}
        16. Fantasy                                 (karaoke version)
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