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Java ASCII Versatile Editor is simply the BEST AA editor I've ever seen!

Quoted from the JavE web site: JavE is a free Ascii Editor. Rather than for editing texts, it is intended for drawing simple diagrams by using Ascii characters.
It is like a graphics editor for editing texts instead of images. JavE is written in 100% pure Java and so should run on almost every operating system.
It is a standalone application and not available as applet.

Some cool features:

  • Freehand painting by mouse
  • FIGlet support - 195 fonts included
  • GIF/JPG/BMP to Ascii conversion with multiple options
  • crash recovery - edited documents can be recovered by JavE when starting the next time
  • Free shape selection tool
  • Easy textbox editing (borders, move, rescale)
  • Extendable clipart library
  • Export for multiple purposes (HTML, Java/C++/C/... comment)
  • move/copy/mirror/flip/rot13/...
  • And many many more - check it out!


MPlayer with AA output AA-lib is a low level graphics library that doesn't require a graphics device and has no graphics output. Instead AA-lib replaces those old-fashioned output methods with a powerful ASCII-art renderer. The AA-Project is working on porting important software like DOOM and Quake to work with AA-lib. If you'd like to help them with their efforts, you'll also need to install the aalib-devel package.

Some software providing AA-lib output are MPlayer and GIMP.

GIFSCII (old stuff)

/ __|  Gifscii is  MMMMMMMMMMMMHnMMM8888888888MMMMM?M `MXMM!:!HMMMMMM
| (_ |  a program   MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN988888888MMMMHHM< <!MMM:!!X?9MMM
\___|  that takes  MMMMMMMMMMMMXMMMMR98B8888RMMMMMX!!<<<<?MX<!!!!!MMM
 ___   a GIF pic,  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8888M8RR88MMM<<<<<<!!M!!!!!!MMM
|_ _|  or any pic  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM888M8RMM!"     !< "<<`?R!!!!!XMMM
 | |   you con     MMMMMMMMMMM!MM*""  !M9M9!!"  `"x:     :"t%?<!!XX!X
|___|  convert to  MMMMMMMMMMM:MM:!"   ""M!  .:    ""     :":""!!X!!?
 ___   a GIF, and  MMMMMMMMMMM!`:<:i.:X<X8!:'MMMM8i :H<< "     !!!!!?
| __|  turns it    MMMMMMMMMMMH!MxMX:XM!M8:<<:WM88XHHX"      <<!!?!M!
| _|   into a gary MMMMMMMMMMMMXM8XSMMHHMM!`!MNMW8M?!"     :: <!!:!!!
|_|    scale pic   MMMMMMMMMMMM<MMMB88MH98!<!"?R88R!       "  <!?:!!!
 ___   using text. MMMMMMMMMMMM!?MMM88X ""    <MMMX  <       <<<<<!!!
/ __|              MMMMMMMMMMMMH!MMM8M89Hx    !M!MH "!      :<<<<<<<!
\__ \  Gifscii is  MMMMMMMMMMMMM:MMM8MM***!!<   "HX '!     '<<<<<<<!!
|___/  available   MMMMMMMMMMMMMX!MMMH:XMMR!"  ::M!  "       <<<<<<:<
 ___   in a number MMMMMMMMMMMMMM<!MMRMMMHXx::<<XM"           <<<<<!<
/ __|  of versions MMMMMMMMMMMMMMH:!?MMMMMMMM!! "              `<<<!<
| (__   for several MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMH< "!!!!!""          :         "<!<
\___|  popular OS  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMH<               :<             `
 ___   (Operating  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!"              .xHM
|_ _|  Systems).   MMMMMMMMMMMM!"       4c      :HHMM
 | |               MMMMMMMMM"           X#" ::xHMMM!
|___|  See the FAQ MMMMMMM!             !  `8888MM!
 ___   for further MMMMMM"             <    ?8888R
|_ _|  information MMMMM"              X   xX888M          Truman GIF
 | |   on making   MMMM"              oY   Y888M           conversion
|___|  conversions.MMM"              oXK   '88M         by Scarecrow.
GIFSCII (11Kb). This program converts graphics stored in gif format to ascii text
Syntax is:
gifscii [filename.gif] [columns] [rows]
If run without command-line arguments, program will ask for them.

The zip archive contains the C source file, in order to build it under any UNIX environment (Cygwin works fine too) simply run:

make gifscii

SCR-EDIT (old stuff)

SCR-EDIT (291Kb) is an *old* DOS application I've worked on in the beginning of my informatic experience. It was written using Quick Basic, with some ASM code.
I've published it here since it's quite stable and may be still helpful.
It uses the same keyboard commands of the DOS port of Deluxe Paint.

Note: language is italian only.

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