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ASCII-Art Techniques
ASCII Graphical Techniques
Line art, small/sig art, solid art, 3-D art with ASCII.
ASCII-Art How To by Normand Veilleux
Some cool hints on smoothing, drawing, ...
ASCII-Art How To by Susie
A small tutorial on how starting "drawing" with chars.
Purpose: to promote more creative use of the ASCII character set on Internet, especially for _page layout_ and _animation_, and the development and distribution of tools to facilitate this.
Dr J's Guide To Drawing 3D ASCII Pictures
A listing of techniques peculiar to drawing pictures that can be made to appear three dimensional.
Font & Characters
Some hints on fonts, aspect ratios and characters for ASCII pics.
Single Image Random Dot Stereogram
Some Informations on 3-D ASCII
Some informations on making 3-D ASCII pictures.
Tips by Sean Gugler
Some interesting tips.
ASCII-Art Resources
This file contains the Questions & Answers found in the ASCII ART FAQ, plus examples of most kinds of ASCII art, Figlet fonts, and ANSI escape sequences.
Jargon File on "ASCII" and "ASCII art"
An excerpt from the Jargon File.
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