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2004/06/30 v6.2.0
Restructured The Green Thumb section. I've added also new images.

2004/04/08 v6.1.20
Updated The Green Thumb section with new bonsai images!

2004/02/04 v6.1.19
I've added a new oekaki into the SLM Oekaki Gallery.

2004/01/06 v6.1.18
I've added the (suggested) logo for JUG Milano into the SLM Misc CG Gallery.

more news ...
The about section covers some basic ideas that moved the development of this site. In the history section I've collected some screenshots of older TSS releases. There's also a small awards page.
Anime - Manga
This section is mainly related to Anime and Manga stuff. Here you can find informations and links for many series, in particular Maison Ikkoku, Video Girl Ai, Aa! Megami-sama and Kimagure Orange Road.
Studio Marco Lamberto is a sort of show-case for some CG art works I've made. I'm studying computer science but I ever loved drawing and the computer let me free of changing things that on paper, once made, are impossible to modify without restarting from the beginning.
Surprisingly you've never heard of The GIMP before? GIMP is an image manipulation program that lets you do some really wild stuff, and it's similar to (but better than :)) Adobe Photoshop. It's designed for Unix and X. This section contains some scripts, plugins, brushes and short tutorials.
TSS is completly build by using this tool. It's a small perl script that allows preprocessing of html files. WPP is useful for giving an uniform layout to different html pages. It can be used into cgi scripts for dynamic generation of pages.
Some Java applications and applets I've made are collected here.
Sounds weird drawing with ascii chars? Yes? Well, many persons do that on internet ... no, no, they aren't mad or insane, if you don't believe me just look some works here. You can give your contribute or simply download some pictures and animations.
Some interesting links, a list of web sites (un)mantained by some friend of mine and huge collection of my personal bookmarks.
My BLog is actually a two-hand written work and it's layout is periodically updated by Hikaru (aka HikaChanbella).
TSS LM Layout & Graphics are © Marco (LM) Lamberto - lm(@)sunnyspot(.)org
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