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TSS History

This page contains some screen grabs of the previous releases of TSS, they where made with Netscape Navigator 4.76 for Linux and xv 3.10a.
I wished to grab each version with the browser I've used for developing them but soon after I realized how tediuos would have been a such thing and I'm a bit lazy! ;P

I've ever wished to create a such section mainly for remembering some steps in my life linked with those pages. The actual TSS wasn't build up from nothing, it has been growing up according to my experience and it's still developing.

Ah, just before start reading, the actual version of TSS is 6.0, enjoy it!

1.00 (Apr 15th, 1995)
hp100 fig.00 00 hp100 fig.01 01 hp100 fig.02 02 This is my first work, it was made when HTML was only 1.0 and the browsers were Mosaic and Netscape 1.0! As you can see the maximum of the layout style can be achieved through the CENTER tag and some HR, no tables, no backgrounds or customizable colors were available! Feel free to laugh while looking those images but this was the best we can do those days! ;)
hp100 fig.03 03 hp100 fig.04 04 hp100 fig.05 05
2.00 (May 20, 1995) to 2.20 (Aug 03, 1995)
hp220 fig.00 00 hp220 fig.01 01 hp220 fig.02 02 HTML grown up to 2.0+, with tables and other customization features like wild use of images for page backgrounds, even animated!
The Anime & Manga section became wider with many new subsections and a "blue" news corner appeared in the main page (fig. 00) which in August 1995 was wholly dedicated to the memory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki fifty years later the nuclear holocaust (fig. 06).
The Paleontology section was dropped.
hp220 fig.03 03 hp220 fig.04 04 hp220 fig.05 05
hp220 fig.06 06
2.33 (Feb 23, 1996)
hp233 fig.00 00 hp233 fig.01 01 hp233 fig.02 02 The migration of TSS (still named LM's Home Page) to GeoCities made available some new pages like a map (fig. 01), the Post Office (fig. 02) and a News section (fig. 03).
In the beginning GeoCities didn't allowed directory creations so I had to change all the web site structure and using weird prefixes for keeping each section separated (ma, in, as, li, ...).

Just a funny note on the forms layout under Netscape 1.0 and 2.0 for UNIX; while the background color changes the forms widgeds keeps an obscene pinky colour, the brown pattern used for most of all the pages was chosen also for avoiding strange (and painful) color mixtures.

hp233 fig.03 03
3.00 (Mar 10, 1996)
hp300 fig.00 00 hp300 fig.01 01 hp300 fig.02 02 My web site was finally named "The Sunny Spot" and appeared yellow animated sun and the link exchange page called "Other Sunny Spots" (fig. 04) (fig. 05).
I've started a couple of new sections, the first was on Linux (fig. 06) and the second was dedicated to some links and my bookmarks (fig. 08).
"About ..." was an hidden page (fig. 11) linked on the image in the main page.
The Fractals & Chaos section was dropped.
hp300 fig.03 03 hp300 fig.04 04 hp300 fig.05 05
hp300 fig.06 06 hp300 fig.07 07 hp300 fig.08 08
hp300 fig.09 09 hp300 fig.10 10 hp300 fig.11 11
4.00 (Jul 02, 1997)
hp400 fig.00 00 hp400 fig.01 01 hp400 fig.02 02 Java and JavaScript appeared! Many forms like Post Office (fig. 09) where powered by checking routines written in JavaScript.
A new framed or floating tree map appeared (fig. 11).
The new Java section replaced the old Linux one and collepted some of my initial Java projects (fig. 06).
hp400 fig.03 03 hp400 fig.04 04 hp400 fig.05 05
hp400 fig.06 06 hp400 fig.07 07 hp400 fig.08 08
hp400 fig.09 09 hp400 fig.10 10 hp400 fig.11 11
5.00 (Aug 30, 1998) to 5.14 (Dec 07, 2000)
hp514 fig.00 00 hp514 fig.01 01 hp514 fig.02 02 WPP was born! (fig. 05) Tired of cut'n'pasting thousands of lines for updating a toolbar in the whole website or changing the pages layout, I've started this project and its first testbed was TSS 5.0 (composed of more than 120 pages).
The new layout wished to look more professional than the older ones.
A new GIMP section (fig. 07) (fig. 08) started with plugins, scripts and other stuff.
I've opened the SLM - Studio Marco Lamberto (fig. 09), where I've started publishing my pencil sketches (fig. 11), CG works (fig. 10) made with GIMP and also some tutorials (fig. 12).
hp514 fig.03 03 hp514 fig.04 04 hp514 fig.05 05
hp514 fig.06 06 hp514 fig.07 07 hp514 fig.08 08
hp514 fig.09 09 hp514 fig.10 10 hp514 fig.11 11
hp514 fig.12 12 hp514 fig.13 13 hp514 fig.14 14
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