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These are some scripts for Script-Fu I've made.
They are my first attempts to write something in Scheme - there are too many parenthesis - however everything seems to work fine!

anmcd2but.scm (GIMP 1.0.x)
anmcd2but-gimp12.scm (GIMP 1.1.x & 1.2.x)
It works on a shape and gives it a 3D-like effect.
replicator.scm (GIMP 1.0.x)
replicator-gimp12.scm (GIMP 1.1.x & 1.2.x)
Clone an image into a bigger one filled with the original.
I don't think that saving an image as pattern then using it to fill a new one is the fastest way to do it ...
anmcd2cov.scm (GIMP 1.0.x)
anmcd2cov-gimp12.scm (GIMP 1.1.x & 1.2.x)
Rescale an image and adds borders where needed in order to fit into a square.
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