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How to make a 3D-like pencil

An easy way for making 3D-like shapes starting from few layers.

* Create a new image, add a new white layer and draw the shape of a pencil using the Filters/Render/Gfig plugin (or download a ready to use pencil sketch for gfig).
* Select the external white zone with the Fuzzy Selection tool and cut making it transparent.
Fill the point of the pencil with the wanted color (for this example I've used black).
Use a pattern fill for the body of the pencil with a Pine pattern, using 50 (upper), 75 (middle) and 100 (bottom) Fill Opacity for the body.
* Use Layers/Alpha To Selection, Select/Invert, Select/Grow by 1, Select/Feather by 5.0 (or less) and cut it making the borders less regular and more smoothed.
Now with the Eraser tool make rounded the point of the pencil.
Retouch the wood body by removing the horizontal black line near the head of you pencil and rounding the borders of the textures.
* Copy the pencil layer, use Layers/Alpha To Selection and fill the shape with black. Move the layer right and down as you want an do a Layers/Lower Layer, set the Opacity of the layer to 80.
* Copy the pencil layer, check the Keep Trans. in the Layers & Channels dialog. Fill the layer with a white-black gradient using the Blend tool, draw it leaned 120 degrees starting from bottom till the top side of the pencil shape.
* Lower the layer with the gradient and set the Mode for the first to Multiply.
Now you can change the background or merge the layers in order to rotate the pencil, anyway ...
* ... you have done it!
Download an archive with the whole tutorial (20Kb).
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