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  Author notes

Studio Marco Lamberto (SLM) is a sort of show-case for some art works I've made. I'm studying computer science but I ever loved drawing and the computer let me free of changing things that on paper, once made, are impossible to modify without restarting from the beginning.

I've started in drawing anime/manga style in December 1995 with a pencil sketch of Video Girl Ai. It was the first time I've read a manga.

The SLM and TSS logos and name as well as EVERYTHING you see in this section with exception of gifts and link banners are © Marco Lamberto, and may only be used with express consent of the creator.
Feel free to download the images in this page, but please remember, they are NOT to be edited. I worked hard for these, so please give me the credits, OK? If you want to use these pictures other than personal viewing purpose, please ask me first (you would almost certainly get the permission anyway). And also, they are NOT to be sold either, because...well, I made them for free.
You could read more about this site on the TSS About section.

  Misc stuff and some software

TSS - The Sunny Spot SLM is built inside The Sunny Spot, my web page. TSS is a good place if you are interested in Anime - Manga, Java, ASCII-Art, HTML and Perl. Otherwise you could still find something in my bookmarks.
Graphics by GIMP SLM also wants to be another place where advertising the GIMP, a free image manipulation software for UNIX (and Windoze), inspired to PhotoShop.
Edited with VIM SLM was made using VIM (VI iMproved) for Linux ...
Preprocessed by WPP ... and preprocessed by WPP.
Powered by Linux Should I say anything more?


SLM is developed on KO, my home computer:

O.S. Linux (RedHat hybrid 7.1/7.2/7.3 with a lot of custom stuff)
Processor AMD Duron 800Mhz (enough complie time speed with few heat troubles)
Memory 512Mb (I think it's enough for a while)
Hard Drives
  • 40Gb, with Linux and all my projects
  • 40Gb, with all my brother's stuff
  • 8Gb
Video Card Matrox MGA G200 AGP (mayor upgrade incoming)
Display IBM POWERdisplay 17 (CRT Sony Trinitron, 17", a standard RISC 6000 monitor)
Standard Video Mode 1280x1024 16bit (not 24 or 32 just because some odd troubles with some software I use often)
Other Stuff
  • Wacom Graphire Tablet (*)
  • Yamaha CDW2100S 16x10x40x
  • Pioneer CDR DR-U16S
  • HP6400 48AL, external DDS2 6-tapes changer
  • Trust SCSI Connect 19200 flatbed A4 scanner
(*) Older CG works in the gallery were made with a normal 3-buttons mouse.
TSS LM Layout & Graphics are © Marco (LM) Lamberto - lm(@)sunnyspot(.)org
Made with GIMP & WPP, The Web PreProcessor
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