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Ginko Biloba 02

Height 30 cm
Started on Feb 2004 (from seed)
Tree's Age 20 years old
Years in Training 20 years

Those are my third attempt of growing Ginkos from seeds. In 2003 I've tried with the wrong method, but this year I've beeing much more lucky!

Mar 04, 2004

Here follows the first pictures of the first 27 seedlings of the year, I'm waiting for other!

First seedlings
Mar 04, 2004 Apr 08, 2004

Time to leave sand!

The day after transplanting
Apr 08, 2004

The day after transplanting
Apr 08, 2004

May 14, 2004

These littles are now growing in full sun, they seem have started hardening the little trunk, the bark is moving from green to a light brown.
Two or three trees seems developing few new leaves.
From the 34 seeds went out only 3 new plants, I don't know if anything else will come up ... I'll just wait.

Jun 02, 2004

No more new leaves, trunks are getting brown and vertical cracks have started appearing meaning that the little trees have started growing well and the trunks are enlarging.
I've got other seeds sprouting and more are coming, even if it's already june!
Those later fellows were placed in small plastic pot (10cm).

Jun 02, 2004

Jun 02, 2004

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